Adtollo Group

Innovation in accommodation development…   Adtollo Pty Ltd has been specifically established to facilitate the property portfolio growth for Executive Oasis.   Adtollo is continually canvassing opportunities in strategically selected locations to fast track the scale and connectivity of Executive Oasis® style accommodation. Properties or site opportunities are carefully selected following specific site and property feature criteria. The result is a highly desirable accommodation solution, attractively priced, providing easy low cost maintenance by leveraging the innovative technology and design concepts established from the outset with the proven Armidale properties.   ADTOLLO: TO RAISE  OR LIFT UP TO A HIGHER POSITION; ERECT, BUILD; EXALT; EXTOL

Receiving Christmas Cards Are Always Nice

Whether They’re Homemade Or Store-Bought, It’s Always Nice To Receive Christmas Cards For hundreds of years now, people around the world have been sending Christmas cards to other people during the winter holiday season. Although most of these cards feature traditional-style illustrations and cheery holiday text, there are also many different types of novelty Christmas cards available. How about a pair of terry cloth novelty cards emblazoned with Merry Christmas and Happy New Year’s messages? These vintage novelty cards can be purchased for approximately $30 on a large e-commerce website. An antique novelty card that features real, miniature bells inside of an illustration of holiday bells on the front is available for less than seven dollars on the same e-commerce … Receiving Christmas Cards Are Always Nice

Fun Christmas Cards Crafting Ideas

4 Fun Crafting Ideas for Your Christmas Cards Every year we get tons of Christmas cards from our family and friends. We store them away carefully and bring them out next year. But eventually, we have to choose which cards go on display – or do we? Here we have a quick list of 4 fun crafting ideas for your Christmas cards! Christmas card “quilt” Lay your Christmas cards out together, face down. Tape the backs together with masking tape (this makes it easier to take disassemble when you’re ready to pack them away). If you need something a little stronger, use clear tape on top of the masking tape, touching as little as possible to the cards themselves. Using … Fun Christmas Cards Crafting Ideas