Baby Change Supplies for Parents

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Baby Change Supplies for Parents

Parents need the right baby change supplies both at home and when away from home. When you change your child in the comfort of your own home, you know that everything you need is right at hand because of how well you stocked your nursery. You may not feel nearly as confident when you’re doing some shopping or having lunch with friends because you don’t know what is in your diaper bag. The right baby change supplies help you stay prepared both at home and while on the go.


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The most important type of baby change at Amcal supplies are the diapers that you buy and use. While some parents love using washable diapers, others prefer disposable types because they do not have the time to wash dozens of diapers every few days. It’s important that you pick a size that will fit your child’s weight and age. You can then look at other options like decorations that appear on the outside when the diaper becomes wet and organic diapers that use natural ingredients. Some parents like using diapers that are free of artificial dyes and fragrances too. Buy at Amcal BabyLove Overnight Pants 8-15 Years Old – 8 Pack.

Baby Wipes

You’ll need baby wipes both in your nursery and in your diaper bag. These wipes let you clean up your baby when changing his or her diaper and clean up other messes too. Many parents like wipes that come in a pop-up dispenser, which lets them get one out quickly. If your child suffers from skin irritations or has allergies, you’ll want to look at baby change wipes that do not contain any fragrances or dyes. Those artificial ingredients are quite harsh on the sensitive skin of a baby. Several companies now make smaller diaper wipe packages that you can easily store in your diaper bag.

Lotion or Cream

Baby change supplies can include both lotions and creams that prevent and treat diaper rash. Diaper rash can make the bottom of your little price or princess turn bright red and cause so much pain that your baby cries for hours. Both lotions and creams will treat the underlying cause of the rash and provide babies with some pain relief. Some companies even make medicated wipes that feature all the benefits of a diaper cream with the benefits of a baby wipe. These wipes are soft and gentle on your baby’s skin and will fight back against the diaper rash.

Other Supplies

Another handy supply to keep in your diaper bag is a changing pad. These pads feature some type of fabric cover with a waterproof pad inside that helps your baby stay comfortable when changing him or her on a rough or hard changing table. Make sure that you buy one with a safety clip to keep your baby and the pad from rolling over the side. Other baby change supplies may include toys to keep your child occupied and plastic bags for storing dirty diapers. You can find all these supplies and others when setting up your nursery or filling your diaper bag.

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