Fun Christmas Cards Crafting Ideas

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4 Fun Crafting Ideas for Your Christmas Cards

Every year we get tons of Christmas cards from our family and friends. We store them away carefully and bring them out next year. But eventually, we have to choose which cards go on display – or do we? Here we have a quick list of 4 fun crafting ideas for your Christmas cards!

Christmas card “quilt”

Lay your Christmas cards out together, face down. Tape the backs together with masking tape (this makes it easier to take disassemble when you’re ready to pack them away). If you need something a little stronger, use clear tape on top of the masking tape, touching as little as possible to the cards themselves. Using sticky putty or clear tacks, hang up your “quilt”. This makes for an excellent wall decoration, and can even be a great background for your next Christmas portrait!

Christmas card tabletop

If you’re a little more hands-on and know your way around resin, this can be a fun way to permanently preserve your cards and turn them into something useful. Pick your favorite cards and arrange them on a flat surface. You can even leave some open if you find particular meaning in what your loved ones have written. Add in some other Christmas-themed items and put up a parameter. Use resin as directed and let dry. Remove the parameter and sand and polish the resin. You now have a beautiful, DIY, custom Charity Greeting Cards Christmas Cards card tabletop that you can break out during the holidays or enjoy year-round.

Christmas card tree

This is a simple and cute way to enjoy your Christmas cards. They come in a variety of styles and price ranges. You can display all of your favorite Christmas cards in a fun and tasteful way. Prices can be pretty cheap (starting at around $15) or if you opt for more elaborate pieces they can be a bit pricey (around $75). You can also create your own to fit your style and personality at a fraction of the cost!

Christmas card ornaments

Pick up some clear bulbs and cut Christmas cards to fit. Display 2 – 4 in large bulbs, 2 – 3 in medium bulbs, and 1 – 2 in small bulbs. You can also cut cards into interesting shapes and use resin to create your own interesting bulbs. Cutting cards with cookie cutters and stringing thread through them can create cute kid-friendly ornaments.

So whether you’re rehashing old cards you’ve received to give them new life, or are looking for cool projects to do with your leftover cards, you’re a few ideas richer!

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