Your Guide to Condoms

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Your Guide to Condoms

Men purchase about 70% of all condoms sold today, with the average user 18 -24 years old. When used correctly, condoms reduce the risk of pregnancy, Sexually Transmitted Diseases (STDs,) and HIV/AIDS by about 85%. Consumers pay an average of $10.29 for a box of condoms, although the price varies considerably, with factors such as brand, quantity, and place of purchase influencing the cost. Purchasing packet of condoms by Amcal online is a discreet and affordable way to obtain the product, and one that many consumers use.

Women now have their own version of the condom available. First released in 1993, female condoms are placed inside the vagina before intercourse, protecting against pregnancy and STDs, including HIV/AIDS. More than 25 million female condoms are sold each year in the U.S. It is a great alternative to the male contraceptive.

Female condom options are somewhat limited, but those designed for use by men are certainly plentiful in style, texture, material, color, and design. There are condoms that contain spermicide and those without. There are condoms with ribs and studs, and those made paper thin to ensure the maximum touch. Flavored condoms enhance oral pleasures tremendously and add fun to the night. The endless options ensures that every sexual encounter is as satisfying as the next.

Another option consumers have when purchasing condoms is the material of the product. Latex is the most common material used for creation of condoms and the preferred choice for most consumers. However, individuals allergic to latex material or who suffer from sensitive skin issues may also find benefit in using another type of material. The selection is certainly plentiful. Lambskin, silicone, polyurethane, and nitrile are among the choices.
Considering that condoms are one of the easiest accessible forms of birth control available today, as well as one of the most affordable, there is little reason why anyone cannot practice safe sex. Many government-funded programs provide free condoms for both male and females via local agencies.

Thanks to the variety of options, everyone can find a product that protects them without taking the pleasures away from sex. And, with condoms made from many different materials, even people with latex allergies have choices.

Although there’s no such thing as 100% safe sex, using Amcal Ansell Skyn Large condoms makes the act 10,000 times safer than without them. If you’re going to have sex, make sure that it doesn’t cost you a trip to the health clinic, or worse, your life. Always use condoms when you have sex!

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